A Special Note from Rebecca Hargrove
President & CEO

Welcome to the official website of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation!

I hope you'll find this site a valuable source of information about our games, our business and our vital education mission.

While the Lottery provides fun and entertainment to its many players and is a source of welcomed commissions to our retailers, it is Tennessee students and families who reap the ultimate benefits. Each year, more than 100,000 students who attend higher-education institutions throughout the state benefit from Lottery-funded scholarships and grants.

The ongoing success of the Tennessee Lottery is a result of the hard work of so many dedicated people. From our staff of more than 160 employees, to countless players across the state, and a network of nearly 5,000 Tennessee retailers, this is a true team effort. By working together, the Lottery will continue to provide great games for our players, operate with the highest business standards, and deliver superior customer service—all with the purpose of generating needed funds for education in Tennessee.

And remember:  The lottery is just a game and it only takes one to win. So play responsibly! With responsible play, everyone wins.

Thanks for visiting,

Rebecca Hargrove
President & CEO

Board and Compliance

State law authorizing the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation calls for a seven-member Board of Directors to oversee the Lottery's creation and ongoing operation. The Board, comprised of business people from across the state, meets regularly to set policy and maintain appropriate oversight.

If you have any concerns, questions or comments regarding TEL management's compliance with any policy or law, you can reach the Lottery Board of Directors directly via email at BOD@tnlottery.com. Inquiries can be submitted anonymously and confidentially. All inquiries are received and reviewed by TEL's independent Internal Audit Department and will be responded to as quickly as possible. All accounting, audit or internal control concerns will be addressed by the Board's Audit Committee.

Please Contact Us for any other inquiries.