FAQ: Playing Tennessee Lottery Games

Playing Tennessee Lottery Games

How old do I have to be to play?

Persons must be at least 18 years of age or older to purchase or redeem Lottery tickets.

Where can I buy tickets?

The Lottery has approximately 5,000 retail outlets across Tennessee. Use our Retailer Locator to find a participating retailer near you.

Can I buy Lottery tickets on the internet or through a subscription? Can I use my debit or credit card to purchase tickets?

No. Tennessee law requires that all Lottery tickets must be purchased in-person at a participating retailer, and tickets can only be purchased with cash.

Can I purchase advance tickets for drawings?

In Tennessee, players may purchase Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America, and CASH 4 LIFE tickets up to 10 drawings in advance. Tennessee Cash tickets may be purchased up to 12 drawings in advance. Cash 3 and Cash 4 tickets may be purchased seven drawing days in advance. (Please note, there are no morning or midday drawings for Cash 3 and Cash 4 on Sundays.) KENO To Go players may purchase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, or 20 consecutive draws.

When are the drawings for Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America, CASH 4 LIFE, Tennessee Cash, KENO To Go, Cash 3, and Cash 4?

Click here for drawing and broadcast information.

Each online drawing has a "draw break," which is a short period of time when tickets cannot be purchased on the day of the drawing just prior to the draw. After the draw occurs, tickets may once again be purchased. Please note, there are no draw breaks for KENO To Go.

  • Powerball draw break begins at approximately 9:00 p.m. CT (10:00 p.m. ET).
  • Mega Millions draw break begins at approximately 9:45 p.m. CT (10:45 p.m. ET).
  • Lotto America draw break begins at approximately 9:00 p.m. CT (10:00 p.m. ET).
  • CASH 4 LIFE draw break begins at approximately 7:45 p.m. CT (8:45 p.m. ET).
  • Tennessee Cash draw break begins at approximately 10:15 p.m. CT (11:15 p.m. ET).
  • Cash 3 and Cash 4 draw breaks are approximately 20 minutes prior to the draw time.
Can I receive draw results by email/text?

You can request email alerts for all Tennessee Lottery draw results through the VIP Players Suite®.

How are Lottery drawing-style games conducted?

Cash 3, Cash 4, Tennessee Cash, and KENO To Go drawings are conducted in Nashville using one of two automated drawing machines. These are stand-alone computers that operate as random number generators. A random number generator consists of highly secure computerized systems that generate numbers in a random manner, with no human involvement. The drawings are videotaped. Once the winning numbers are drawn, they can be viewed on TEL broadcast television stations, on our website, or with the TN Lottery app.Powerball, Mega Millions, Lotto America and CASH 4 LIFE are multi-state drawings not held in Tennessee.To schedule an appointment to view a mid-day drawing at the Lottery, please call our Nashville Headquarters at 615-324-6500.

When are KENO To Go drawings, and how can I see them?

KENO To Go drawings are held daily, every five minutes, from 5:05 a.m. to 12:05 a.m. CT / 6:05 a.m. to 1:05 a.m. ET. Drawings can be viewed on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or at a Lottery Retailer on the video monitor.

What are "spots?"

Spots are the numbers you play. Choose how many spots/numbers you want to play up to 10. Then pick that amount of spots (numbers) from a field of 1 to 80. Playing more spots increases your potential winnings.

How many spots must be matched to win?

For each spot category, a different number of spots must be matched to win a prize. The 10 spot game is the only game where matching zero spots wins a prize.

Can I choose my own numbers?

Yes, but only by completing a playslip. Or choose Quick Pick and let the computer select your numbers.

What is the cost of a KENO To Go ticket?

The minimum ticket cost is $1 per draw, and the maximum ticket cost is $200.

What is the "drawing number" indicated on my KENO To Go ticket?

Every KENO To Go drawing has its own unique "draw number." The draw number is printed on your ticket and is also referenced wherever drawing results are posted. If you select consecutive draws, your selected number(s) will be played for each of the draw numbers printed on your ticket.

When can I claim a KENO To Go prize?

You can claim your prize immediately after the drawing in which your prize was won. If a prize is claimed on a ticket with consecutive draws, an exchange ticket will be given to you with the remaining drawings. It is your responsibility to make sure you receive your exchange ticket from the retailer. All prizes must be claimed within 180 days after the drawing date in which the prize was won.

Can I enter my KENO To Go tickets into VIP for Play It Again! drawings?

Only non-winning instant game tickets are eligible for Play It Again! drawings. However, you can enter your winning and non-winning KENO To Go tickets to earn VIP Points that are eligible for VIP Rewards® Drawings.

How many consecutive KENO To Go Drawings can I play?

You can play 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, or 20 consecutive drawings.

What are the overall odds of winning a KENO To Go prize?

The odds of winning a prize depends on the number of spots you play. See the back of your playslip for overall odds for each Spot Game.

If I play more than $1 per draw and win a prize, how do I calculate my winnings?

It's easy! Just multiply the amount you win by the dollar amount that you played. For example, if you played $4 on the 10 Spot Game and you win $10, your prize is $40. The highest prize you can win is $100,000, regardless of the amount played per draw.