Retailer Spotlight

NORTH RIVER CORNER MARKET - 100 W. Bell Ave., Chattanooga

For more than 10 years, Fedora Evans has owned North River Corner Market in Chattanooga. And, for the past three-and-a-half years, she has been a key member of the Tennessee Lottery retailer network.

“Everybody was really happy when we got the Lottery,” says Fedora, who takes pride in creating a friendly atmosphere for playing the Lottery’s games and enjoying one of her hot plate lunches. “We have a lot of the same customers who like to play while they are eating.”

In addition to offering snacks and tips for playing the games, Fedora holds occasional promotions such as a kick-off party for the launch of Hot Trax Champions. She enjoys posting winning tickets and sharing stories about winners … and hopes to one day have a “really big winner” to celebrate.

Fedora’s generosity doesn’t stop with activities for customers. She is an avid supporter of U.S. troops overseas and often sends care packages.

“I just like to help,” she says. The Tennessee Lottery is thankful that Fedora’s helping hand is part of the efforts to maximize dollars for education.

Benefits to Selling

The success of the Tennessee Lottery depends on its ability to build and maintain a strong, statewide retailer network to maximize sales and profits for educational programs. Economic benefits to retailers include:

•    6.5% Commission on Lottery Sales
•    Free Sales, Marketing and Promotional Support
•    Automated Ticket-Inventory Tracking and Accounting
•    High Frequency of Customer Visits
•    No Up-Front Inventory Costs
•    High Rate of Return
•    Frequent Introduction of New Games
•    Satisfaction in Helping Raise Dollars for Education
•    Over $4 Billion Raised for Education
•    12 Consecutive Years of Sales Growth through 2016

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Year Over Year Sales Growth (FPO)